*Just a special note to all players, before you play please know that this is NOT a easy game... This will challenge your skills ;)*

**If the game isn't smooth like the HTML version, this is due to Game Maker Studio 1.4 export issue.. You'll notice if the music is completely off beat!!**



W - Movement Up
A - Movement Left
D - Movement Right
S - Movement Down

RIGHT CLICK - Throw Current Weapon/Pickup Weapon

SHOOT - Automatic ;)
L - Enable/Disable Screenshake
HR - Hard Reset (Press both keys ("H" + "R") at the same time to restart the game!)

How To Play:
The game is simple, run around and shoot everything that shoots back. However, you don't control your weapon.. the song does!! So be sure to listen to the song so you know when your weapon isn't going to shoot! There are two game modes to choose from "Stage" and "Survival"

Stage: Kill all enemies in level to win! Sounds easy right! Well there's a catch... You must clear the level before the song ENDS!! If not you'll find out what happens...

Survival: Survive for as long as possible! This mode is similar to Stage mode difference is you don't have to worry about running out of time or the song ending. So have fun! Score points by killing enemies!

Differences between HTML and EXE:


Stats will not be saved!


Stats will be saved!


DUCK!-v1.zip 39 MB


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The best part about the game is main theme! The game itself is very hard and sometimes unfair but still good. is nice.