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Is the android APK still coming?

Please add the android version here, would love to let the kids play, but not a fan of the google play copy with ads/iap.

Hoping gamepad works on android, so it would be awesome on android tv (google play version not shield compatible).

It's good, my only critique is even when you complete a series of levels in adventure mode by defeating the boss, you still get "game over" =(

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Really? That's strange, I'll take a look today and get a fix out as soon as I can. Sorry about that!

Update: The issue has been fixed! The new version can be downloaded!


Could you please share an apk here, so I don't have to download from Google Play? Thanks!


Sure I can do that! It may take some time as I am currently working on other projects. Don't worry though I will get to it!


Very nice design!

Thanks! :D

Any chance of a Steam release?..thanks in advance for your time

Sorry but there are no plans for a steam release

Hey! Played through the first chunk of this on my channel!


Thank you! :D