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Google is super outdated...

Unavailable & only to older devices. But itch Perfecto

Thanks for adding me. Would you please try one of my games and tell me your opinion?


Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically buy games from to avoid that.

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Is the android APK still coming?

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Please add the android version here, would love to let the kids play, but not a fan of the google play copy with ads/iap.

Hoping gamepad works on android, so it would be awesome on android tv (google play version not shield compatible).

It's good, my only critique is even when you complete a series of levels in adventure mode by defeating the boss, you still get "game over" =(

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Really? That's strange, I'll take a look today and get a fix out as soon as I can. Sorry about that!

Update: The issue has been fixed! The new version can be downloaded!


Could you please share an apk here, so I don't have to download from Google Play? Thanks!


Sure I can do that! It may take some time as I am currently working on other projects. Don't worry though I will get to it!


Very nice design!

Thanks! :D

Any chance of a Steam release?..thanks in advance for your time

Sorry but there are no plans for a steam release

Hey! Played through the first chunk of this on my channel!


Thank you! :D